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For creating a world-class Vogue in Learning

The South Asian Management Association is an international league active in the Asian and Australian regions with the objectives of bringing the superior masterminds together for sharing the high end innovations and elite ideas with the knowledge yearning community. We, at SAMA are dedicated to disseminating the multicultural values for inculcating global competency.
What we do?
We are conducting conferences on especially in the countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Taiwan.
We are inviting the Global Leaders, Trendsetters, Intellectuals and Scientists from across the world to share their ideas and knowledge with the conference participants. We are giving wide choices to the learning community to be a part of our activities. Our domains of concentration are ranging from Agricultural Studies, Forestry and Environmental Sciences,
Animal, Veterinary & Fishery Sciences, Arts including Educational Sciences,
Biological Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer, Communication and Information Technology Sciences, Management Studies, Commerce, Law and Journalism, Medical Sciences including AYUSH and Pharmacy, Physical, Chemical to Material Sciences.

Publish With Us
We have our peer-reviewed double blind journals to publish your papers and exchange your thoughts. Our journals are internationally well-recognized with good impact factor.

Besides, we are the acclaimed Publisher for publishing books. We believe in creating avenues for the prospective authors for presenting their brainchild.

Become a Member of SAMA
You are welcome to enroll yourselves as members of SAMA for getting closer to us. We are offering membership at attractive tariffs to the scholars and students from various communities.
Pleasure is ours if you could take time to go through our offers for membership registration.
International Chapters of SAMA
SAMA is much more widespread now. Following are the countries that have
SAMA chapters for the benefits of the global community.


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