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Upcoming International Events

7th. International Conference, Bangkok

Event Name:- Recent Research in Science ,Society, Culture-Humanities And Technology 2017 , IC-RRSSCHT-2017,  Tuesday, 02-04 December 2017 

9th International Conference March 2018 at Jabalpur India.

10th International Conference June 2018 at Dubai

11th International Conference August 2018 at Jabalpur India

12th International Conference October 2018 at Goa India

13th International Conference December 2018 at Bulgaria

Past International Events

6th International Conference at University of Delhi India

Event Name:-On Sustainable Development of the Society: Current Trends and Future Outlook 2017 (IC-SDSCTFO-2017) ,  26-28 August 2017

8th International Conference, MDSU Ajmer India.

Event Name:-On Human Values and Culture in Literature (IC-HVCL-2017) , 20-21 June 2017

5th International Conference ,Jabalpur

Event Name:- Multidisciplinary,(IC-ASSCHT-2017)  11-13 March 2017

International FDP

International Faculty Development Program ,Jabalpur   11-31 March 2017

4th International Conference at Jabalpur MP 12/14 November 2016

Event Name:-“Recent Trends in Research and Higher Education” IC-RTRHE-2016

3rd International Conference at Thailand 10/12 October 2016

Event Name:-“Integration of Disciplines: Science, Society, Information and Humanities” IC-IDSSIH-2016

 2nd International Conference 26-27-28 October 2015 ,GOA

Event Name:-“IMultidisciplinary Research For The Achievement Of Excellence In Higher Education & Industry” IC-MRAAEHE-2015

1st International Conference at Jabalpur MP 5-6 July 2014